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Favorite Things

I'm wondering what are your favorite things? That would of course be you, JP, since we have decided that we are likely writng this blog for our own pure entertainment. But if anyone out there would like to chime in with your list, please do so. This isn't in any particular order. So here are a few of my favorite things, places, people, etc: 1. Coming up with new story ideas. 2. Finishing a book. 3. Red wine, smoked gouda cheese, and crusty sourdough bagette 4. My horses, husband, and kids and dogs and I suppose the cat. (Not necessarily in that order) 5. My big fluffy duvet cover 6. A mountain view 7. An ocean view 8. New York City (everything from the food to the shopping, the shows, the museums--LOVE it all!) 9. The coral color, super soft, fuzzy blanket, my mother-in-law Sue made for me 10. Puerto Vallarta (in specific Yelapa) 11. Jumping my horse 12. Teaching writing to kids 13. My friends 14. Cooking a good meal for my family 15. The way the air smells aft

Brad and Angie Split?

Say it isn't so. All of these rumors about Brad and Angie are depressing me. Okay, so yes--I am on team Brangelina. I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I think she is a lovely, funny, intelligent woman. And I do think she got the shaft. First off, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Nobody but the people involved. People fall out of love and that sucks but it's reality. So, Brad and Angelina obviously fell in love and now there's a bazillion kids involved. That is why I want to see Brad and Angie together. They have a family. I wish they were married because they do have all those kids and because I believe that when you're married it might make it more difficult to split up. I don't know--just my take. But parents should try and work things out for their kids. Call me old fashion, call me a moron.'s what I believe. Now there are circumstances where I think it merits a split--abuse (physical and/or emotional) toward a significant other

Lucky # 7

It's been awhile since I've been on Adventuresnwriting. Lots of stuff has happened since I've last been here to say, "hi," and give a little tidbit into the life of a writer, mother, friend, et al. Life has been busy and full of all sorts of distractions. But who needs distractions and busy?  Instead, I want to talk about "Who is on my Island." You know what I mean. It's that handful of  people you would want on your deserted island. The ones you won't get tired of gawking at. It's like watching "The Bachelor" without any guilt.  Here is my list. 1. Sting--Um..."Sacred Love" should say it all, or how about "Every Little Thing She Does." Oh, and I know it kind of shows my age because I am not choosing Zac Efron (who's name I am probably not spelling right, but I do find adorable, however, having sons way closer to young, hot Zac's age, just well,...NO) but back to STING. I just think he's hot. No arg


I love talking to my son. He's so... so.... interesting. And opinionated. Kid : Mommy, if you could have any superpower at all, what would it be? Me (without missing a beat): My power would be to magically clean the house. Particularly the dishes. The kid shoots me death ray looks.  Me (scurrying to make up for this hideously stupid remark): I wish I could fly. Kid (looking pointedly at me and speaking rather snidely) : I would have the power to teleport to another dimension. Shit. The kid totally out-cooled me and he knows it. Next time I'll do better. I promise.