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Writers' Conferences and Advanced Reads

Next weekend I will be teaching a couple of workshops at the So. Cal Writer's Conference held in Irvine. I love attending writers' conferences. It reminds me that there are others out there as insane as I am. It's good not to be alone. I also will be doing critiques on five partials from writers and having to give those writers my thoughts/opinions. Sometimes that is not such an easy job. It's hard to tell someone that they need a little more work (or a lot). When I do one-on-one critiques, I have noticed there are one of two types of writers who sit down across from me at the table to go over their work--a. is the writer who is scared and nervous. I used to be this writer. I would get myself so worked up when pitching to an agent or do a read and critique with an author/agent or editor that I couldn't eat, or at times sleep the night before. I finally realized that agents, authors, editors (anyone in the business) are just people like me. They can't take away