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A Writer's Workshop

I have read many books "On Writing," throughout the years. I still do. I most recently read John Locke's book on how he sold 1,000,000 e-books in five months and enjoyed it a great deal. It dealt with the marketing and sales aspect (obviously) and contained some great information in it. Some of my favorite books on writing are by James Frey--"How to Write a Damn Good Novel," etc. These are fantastic books on how to build your story. I also love Sol Stein's books on the topic. The "Writer's Journey" by Chris Vogle is another great resource. There are a ton of great books on writing available to us, and thats' a really good thing because as writers we are always wanting to learn and evolve. As I read these books, I consider them in a way to be a mentorship. I have a few mentors that I work with on a regular basis like Mike Sirota (Yoda) and my dear friend Don McQuinn. Both of these guys are excellent sources as teachers and editors. They ha

Stalker on the Prowl

There is an experience that I think most women can relate to. There are some men who can also relate, but on a different level; they certainly can react when someone they love, such as a wife, sister, mother, friend has had this extremely uncomfortable experience. From the time women are little girls they are taught to look over their shoulder, to be aware of who is around them, and to trust their instinct. I can remember my dad having a talk with me before I went off to college and him telling me exactly what to do if I felt threatened. I can remember an LA police officer coming into the sorority house I belonged to and telling the members what to do if threatened. My husband gives me a reminder now and then as to what I should do if I feel threatened. All three of these men suggested everything from screaming, to going straight for that male anatomy that would make any man scream… Now for women, a threat can just be as simple as a feeling. If we live alone or even spend a night alon