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The Billy Dal Gang

I have posted this before over in EquestrianInk, which for the horse lovers here, I suggest you check it out. We have some great bloggers/horse women and writers on that site. I think most of my readers know about my love for horses. Here is a short story as to why I grew up loving them so much. I owe a huge credit to my Dad. Hope you enjoy!  The Billy Dal Gang By Michele Scott             We called ourselves “The Billy Dal Gang.” Four ten-year-old girls, their horses and my dad. My dad Dal was, of course, Billy Dal. There was Billy Stace, Billy Renee, Billy Laura, and me Billy Shell. While grooming and saddling up our horses, we’d get into character. Billy Dal would set up the scenario. “Okay, girls, we got three bad guys, and I mean bad guys on the run. They stole a lot of money from that there bank.” He’d point to our house. “Now we gotta go find them and arrest them, and bring ‘em back.”             “Yes we do, Billy Dal!”             “We gotta be real careful and sneak

A Partnership

The Universe has an interesting way of showing you direction sometimes. As a now happily independent author I am always thinking of ways to get books into the hands of readers. With the ever changing face of publishing these days, I've noticed a few trends that helps authors do this. One of them is cross promoting. A few weeks ago I started looking at books that were in the same genre as mine. My thinking was that it would be great to have a support system and to build the alliance with another author(s). As this train of thought was going through my head, life got busy as it always does and I let the idea go for a bit. However, The Universe must have liked the idea because a few days after I had started thinking about it I received an e-mail from another author who had the same idea and was wanting to do some cross promotion with me. As we started trading e-mails and I read his book (which is an International bestseller and is currently on the top 15 Kindle list), we learned a