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Tapping Into Your Inner Kid

Kids have the best imagination! I think that is why I love working with them so much. It's fun for me to listen to my daughter play with her Breyer horses and make up all sorts of stories. I miss that about my boys who are now teenagers. Ther imaginations are absorbed in video games. The other day I was out to lunch with a friend at a really cool fish and chips place here in San Diego , Point Loma Sea Foods . We sat down on some steps where we could watch a seal just right out in front of us playing in the water. He was actually begging. A little girl of about four was watching and I started talking to her. I asked her if the seal was a boy or a girl. She looked at me as if I was ridiculous and said, "Boy!" Then I asked her what he was doing in the harbor and she said, "Looking for his family." She was very matter of fact about it. We talked for a few more minutes until her big sister got bored with our conversation and the seal and told her they had to go. B

An Author and her Horse

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