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Michaela Tries Her Hand at 3 Day Eventing in next Mystery

Just as I posted a first chapter of the next Nikki book, I thought I would go ahead and put the first chapter of the next Michaela book up. Readers write me weekly asking when there will be new books in both of these series. I assure those readers that they are coming! For anyone who does not know, I did switch my Michaela books from writing them under my name to my pen name A.K. Alexander. I did that so I would have some room to make them a bit more thrillerish. In this next book Michaela is going to try her hand at 3-day eventing with a new horse. As usual there will be murder and heart ache, and maybe a few laughs caused by a pregnant Camden! No more tequila for that lady! (I write lady laughingly, if you know the character, then you know what I mean). Hope you enjoy this first chapter, and if you have not read the series, the print books are still available with my name, or get them for your kindle as an A.K. Alexander book. If any of that is confusing, e-mail me and tell me I

A New Nikki is on the Way!

I get readers e-mails and I read each one of them. I want to assure my readers who have been sending me e-mails on a regular basis about Nikki and the gang that there is another Wine Lover's Mystery in the works! The book will be out from ZOVA this summer. I'm going to give you a sneak peek here. This is the very, very rough draft of chapter one. I am not sure we have decided on the cover or title but this is one a friend did for me. I hope you enjoy! Also, anyone who has not read THE CARTEL and you own a Kindle,there is a free version available for the next 24 hours! Enjoy! Michele Chapter one             “Guess where we’re going?” Derek Malveaux snuck behind his wife Nikki and wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear.             She set down the lettuce she was getting ready to rinse off to fix for dinner and turned around. “Are you taking me to dinner?” She smiled.             “Oh it’s so much better than that. Come on.” He took her hand. “Let’s go si

Why a Serial Killer?

I thought I would write a bit about one of my thrillers today and why I wrote the book that I did. MOMMY, MAY I? is a book that either readers seem to love or hate. There aren't too many who are in between about it. I think those who love it are fascinated by the development of a serial killer, and those who hate it abhor such a topic. I do warn readers that it is graphic and disturbing. It is about a serial killer! When I wrote the book I had recently finished a handful of thrillers that focused on the killer, but the thing that left me questioning always was; WHY? How does someone become so heinous, so evil? Are they born that way? Does their environment create them? I didn't know the answers, so I started doing a ton of research. It was disturbing research and the answers were equally disturbing. Environment seemed to play a lot into what creates a serial killer. I read books and essays, watched documentaries and even discovered there was a serial killer in my family'