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Coming soon!

I thought I would do a little Friday promo in celebration of a few things. First off, Daddy's Home remained on the top 10 Kindle bestseller list for a month, even coming in at #4 for a few days directly behind Suzanne Collins "Hunger Games." It is now at #15, and I can't complain. Check out the press release about the film/TV and foreign rights as well. So, to celebrate my readers I am giving away a $25.00 Amazon Kindle gift card. Just leave a comment in the comment box over the next week and I will pick a winner next Friday. I am also really excited that I will be releasing a new book (mystery series) next month. THE GREY TIER; A DEAD CELEBS MYSTERY. This series will be under my name Michele Scott, and although is has the humor and romance that the Nikki books do, there is an added element of paranormal and urban fantasy to it. It's a bit different for me, but I have had a blast writing this book and my fing

An Interview with True Crime Author RJ Parker

As an author of both mystery and thrillers I do quite a bit of research into the criminal mind. It's not exactly pleasant, but it is fascinating. I have been intrigued for years as to what causes someone to become a killer. Are they born evil? Does their environment dictate who and what they become? Is it a bit of both? I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic. I decided to go straight to an excellent source to get his opinion. R.J. Parker has written seven books on the topic of serial killers. I am currently reading his book WOMEN WHO KILL, and it is truly intriguing. This is a copy of an interview he did with William Cook. I hope you find it as interesting as I do. RJ also gives some great insight into self-publishing. To check out all of RJ Parker's books, visit his blog at Write a comment on this blog and be entered to win a Kindle Copy of your choice of one of RJ