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Jamie OIiver's Food Revolution

I Love Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution. What isn't there to love? Here is a guy who wants to really help our kids be healthy. He isn't even from the USA. He just loves kids and people and good food. God bless this guy! We have a country filled with people who have major health issues caused from poor eating habits. Our children are getting deadly diseases like diabetes, they have high blood pressure, and they are growing up perpetuating the fast food nation. SCARY! The opposition that Jamie is facing with the LA School district is appalling to me. These are our educators? Isn't raising and educating our children a top priority? If it is (which apparently it isn't) then don't we want to raise a healthy America? This stuff gets so under my skin. I am fortunate to have healthy eating kids. That comes from the way both my husband and I were raised. My dad always had a garden growing up and I was never forced but always encouraged to try vegetables and fruits. I lo

Vlog on Writing

Happy Friday! I thought I would try something new and do a vlog (I think that is what it would be called). It's my blog via video. This is an interview that I did recently about writing and why I write....blah, blah, blah. I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Cheers, Michele

Brotherman: A Coming of Age Story

This is a little something I wrote a while ago (about 10 years ago). It's a novella that I couldn't place genre-wise. I think it would be considered a coming-of-age story, but it definitely isn't YA. It is told from the point of view of a 12 year old boy. If enough readers seem to enjoy it, I will happily post chapters of the novella over the course of the next month. Let me know what you think. :) Cheers, Michele Brotherman by Michele Scott Chapter One (2002) The entire neighborhood watches as the man and woman move into the corner Spanish style home, with crimson bougainvillea framing the front archway. Liz Strangel watches from behind the Pottery Barn curtains she hangs from inside her feng shui-organized living room. Mr. Dick watches while mowing his lawn, like he does every Saturday morning. He intermittently stops, wipes the perspiration from his forehead and rubs his head, which is suffering from the intake of two bottles of wine--ones he drank alone

Writing a Wine Lover’s Mystery Takes Some Real Tough Research

Being the Wine Lover’s Mystery author is really tough. The research alone is nearly unbearable. Oh, please. If you know me you are aware that I am being a real smart ass here. Come on, how tough can sipping on some decent wine be? Can you believe I even wrote “sipping,” there? Again, if you know me, you’re probably laughing, and if you don’t, you’re either thinking that I am crazy, or a lush, or both. I’m not. Well, I don’t think I’m a lush. I could be crazy, though. I do write murder mysteries, and my husband has to remind me on occasion that my characters are not real people. I’m not entirely convinced of that. Writing the Nikki Sands mysteries (the other name for The Wine Lover’s) is a lot of fun--not just because I get to drink wine and figure out what the wine tasting notes are for the parts in the books where I’ve included recipes and wine pairings. But mostly what I enjoy about this series is growing the characters. When I started out the series with Murder Uncorked, Nikki Sand

New Mystery Series Sneak Preview

I am busy writing the next book and thought I would give you a sneak preview. Hope you enjoy! Here is the book trailer and the first chapter of the first in my new mystery series Dead Celebs out with Zova Books in November! CHAPTER ONE My name is Evie Duncan and I hang out with dead rock stars, and occasionally a dead movie star or two might suddenly waltz across the living room. I know, weird, huh? Trust me. I think so too. One night I actually watched Fred Astaire lift Ginger Rogers off her feet right in the middle of the kitchen, and I went to grab my coffee cup, because I was sure Ginger was going to knock it off the center aisle. Ah but as luck would have it, her pretty little shoe went right through the cup. I’ve discovered that ghosts can walk right through you or any object for that matter—just like in the movies. That part is true from what we all “think” we know about ghosts, but I’ve learned quite a bit more about them over the past few months. I know it sounds comple