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Finally getting to the fifth "P" in my five "p's" to publishing...(in reality, I've found that they work for pretty much any goal you want to achieve). The first four "P's" were 1. Purpose 2. Passion 3. Perseverance 4. Patience...and now Peace. What do I mean by having peace when working toward a goal? It's similar in some ways as to having patience. We tend to have to be patient to see our goals come to fruition. After all, it is the journey not the destination where we find a lot of joy. However, the difference in having patience versus peace along the way is that patience obviously implies waiting. Peace on the other hand is a sense within ourselves. When I've written a book and have made the decision that it's ready to be sent off to my agent, editor or out into the world, I have to sit back and realize that I have to be comfortable with that decision. It's important that I conclude I've done my best work, I'm ha


The fourth "P" on this path to what is a pretty simplistic path to achievement (but sometimes simplicity is the best approach) is patience. Again--it's not up to me to decide how someone reaches their goals. I'm just expressing my opinion and what has worked for particularly in the area of my writing. So, patience..., this one of all of the "P's," might be the hardest to master for some. We live in a society of "NOW"--Fast food, binge watching, the availability to download books on a whim, online shopping, access to all sorts of things that interest us can be found immediately in the "google culture," etc. Therefore, waiting for anything can be difficult at best and tormenting at worst. I think it'll become increasingly difficult for younger generations to accept and process that patience is really a virtue. I do believe (again, my opinion) that good things come to those who wait and to take that a step further, I believ


The third "P." If you've been following the blog over the past few weeks, you know I've been going back over my 5 "P" belief system. It's pretty basic and simple. It's truly what I have found in the past to guide me on the journey to achieving my goals and dreams. If you didn't read the first two "P's" them.😉 The first is purpose and the second is passion...and now onto persistence. The achievement of goals and dreams don't always tend to come easily. At times, they do, but for the most part they are a work in progress. Reaching them and having an achievement is satisfying and elating at the same time. However, it's the journey in getting there that causes that end result of what I think of as "happiness." Without the twists and turns and even bumps along the way in seeing your dreams and goals manifest, I'm not certain that the feelings of achievement would be all that great. That's why I think y