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Relatively Famous!

Hello! Finally back to posting here... sigh... It's been a while, I know. I now have my first young adult book, RELATIVELY FAMOUS, up on Amazon! It's currently in ebook form, and will be in printed book form within the next few weeks. I also just, just finished writing my second YA book and hope to have it all edited and to my agent soon. Fingers crossed! RELATIVELY FAMOUS was a labor of love, and I am still crazy about this story, even though I finished writing it months ago... Stop by my new WEB SITE to learn more about the book! RELATIVELY FAMOUS... Freshman in high school Dani McKinley lives with her mother, Leila, in a modest house in Michigan. Dani adores her mother’s long-term boyfriend, Alan, and her best friend, Samantha. Life is pretty uncomplicated, right? Not for long . . .              As Dani is walking to school one day, paparazzi pounce on her and claim that she is the daughter of Hollywood icon Mark Ocean. The news immediately changes Dani’s life. Leila con

We're Back

I know it's been awhile since either JP or I have posted, and I am certain all 11 of our readers have been dying to know what, why, and where are we? Well, you can officially stop holding your breath as I am back, and with a little twist of the arm, I am sure I can get JP to write one of her roll on the ground, tears-in-the-eyes-laughter posts again. I know that JP has been busy writing new books, being an awesome Mom, and promoting her new YA release, "Relatively Famous," which is a fun, fantastic, and terrific read. I think she's definitely found a new genre that she loves! The next one she is working on right now is also wonderful, and I can't wait for the release. That's all I am saying...keep your eyes peeled for it to come out. For me--where have I been and what have I been up to? Okay for those of you who care, here goes; I am now working full time for my family's business, and some of you know that we make sports medicine products for horses, a