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Looking for a Title for My New Mystery Series

I will admit it. Titles are not my thing at all. I am really bad at them. I need your help. I will be debuting my new mystery series (The Delebs--Dead Celebs) in late November, and I need a title. I'm posting the long synopsis of the book and a book trailer here to give yoou an idea about the book/series. To make it a little more fun, if I pick your title, you will recieve a signed copy of the book and a $40.00 gift card to either amazon or Barnes & Noble (your choice), plus some acknowledgement in the book. Love to hear what you think! And for those readers who are A.K. Alexander fans. the next thriller will be out in October. The title of the book is COVERT REICH. The Dead Celebs Mystery Series By Michele Scott Evie Duncan is a haunted soul in more ways than one. First off, Evie hangs out with dead celebs from movie stars to rock stars, she’s surrounded by famous and infamous ghosts. Secondly the unsolved mystery of her sister’s murder sixteen years ago weighs heavily o