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I am not going to lie. The past two weeks have been a real bummer. Nothing about them have been easy! And, I have these horrible grey hairs sprouting all over my head. I even bought a box of color to cover them, but just have not found the time or energy to do so. The joke around my house is that I should be wearing a scrubs. If you read the blog about my little kid, and middle kid, then you know about the accident. The update is: My daughter is doing very well, albeit a bit grumpy. She gets a new cast today, and has already determined that she wants a green one. My son is still working through some of the angst that he has felt over the accident, but each day as it moves farther away from us, he does seem better. My dad is doing well, and all of his Parkinson's meds are being re-evaulated, yet again. What readers don't know is that my oldest son is also in a wheelchair currently. Before the accident, my oldest had a major surgery a month ago to correct a bone deformity he wa


If you read the blog from a couple of days ago, you know that I wrote about the WAKE-UP call. Well, you would have thought that would have been enough. I figured that I really "Got It." Apparently, The Universe, God, The One Above, or just Life (depending on your beliefs) was not convinced! I do believe that fact is stranger than fiction sometimes. If you had watched the scene that played out yesterday in my world on a movie screen, you would have shaken your head (most likely) and said, "Oh Come on!" But it's all true, and I have witnesses. So, here goes. My little one is still in the hospital after having two surgeries this week from the freak accident my kids were in. The good news is that she is doing very well. In fact, our fingers are crossed that we will get out of here today. She will be on crutches for a few weeks, and won't be able to get back on the pony for a couple of months, but we got very lucky. Yesterday morning while hanging out with

The Wake-Up Call

There are times in life when we receive certain WAKE-UP calls. Those calls typically remind us of what is really important in our lives. I got one of these WAKE-UP calls on Monday afternoon. Two of my kids were involved in an accident in a utility vehicle we use to haul horse feed on the property. The UTV is top heavy and not meant to do donuts in the horse arena, but teenagers don't always listen to those words of advice. My teenager did not heed my words (imagine that--a 17 year-old doing something he isn't supposed to), and the UTV flipped. My son was not injured, but my little girl was hurt pretty badly on her foot. She will be okay, but we are now residents of Children's Hopsital where she is getting ready to go in for her second surgery today. Our fingers are crossed that this will be the last one she has to have. I think my son is suffering just as much, if not more than my daughter, as he feels horrible for the accident. It's a tough spot for a parent, but

Life Experiences Translated to Fiction

People often ask me if I use any of my life experiences in my books. I do. I don't necessarily use exact experiences, but I do use the feelings and emotions from experiences that I have had. I have pulled from certain aspects in my life and used them, just like the experience I had with the stalker issues when I wrote DADDY'S HOME. When my next book COVERT REICH comes out next month under the A.K. Alexander name, I will blog about how I drew from the experience of having my first born in the inetnsive care unit for the first two weeks of his life. That event alone brought me back to my creative writing self, and has helped me write a thriller that I think will make readers happy (fingers crossed. And this one will be edited, copyedited and proof read tenfold!). If you have read MOMMY, MAY I?, or plan to, and you read this blog, you might think to yourself that there is no way I could have drawn from personal experience on this one, because it contains some pretty disturbing s

Screw Up Leads to Screw-Cap Wine

Boy, does it really suck to screw up! And I have to say that I really screwed up. You know how sometimes you can screw up?   Let's say (for all of my horse friends out there) that you are in the middle of a dressage test, and you do a ten-meter circle instead of the twenty-meter circle the test called for. Or maybe you're cooking a meal, and you grab chipotle powder instead of cinnamon, and when your kids bite into their oatmeal cookies their mouth lights up. At least you can laugh at that one. But what if the screw up is super major and thousands of people are aware of it, not just you? Yep. Me. Now. Sucks. Here is what I did: About six months ago, I made the decision to upload two thrillers that I had written over five years ago onto Kindle, Daddy's Home and Mommy, May I? I had a couple of friends read through them for mistakes (general typos, grammar, and content). Now first off, I know better than that. Family and friends are not the people you want proofing your