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Powerless and Pissy

(The kid and I wrote this blog yesterday, but I'm happy to say we now have power!) Oh. God. Killlll meeeeeee! It’s Friday night and we haven’t had power since just before midnight on Thursday. I’m a baby about this. People have gone without the comforts of electricity for much longer than this, but I am near the edge of insanity. I have zero coping skills. Thursday 12: 10 a.m.: Wind is atrocious. Howling, annoying, relentless. The last woman is about to skate her individual Olympic performance and the power cuts out. Not that I even really follow women’s ice-skating, but I was following it at the moment. The noise outside is enough to wake the dead and I’m hearing something suspicious going on with the deck. I could maybe tolerate noise and fear of exploding transformers, but I cannot sleep without my beloved white noise machine. Will pray that husband falls into some sort of rhythmic and soothing snoring pattern. 12:35 a.m.: Husband is indeed snoring, but sound is laced with a

One Book's 15 Year Journey

El Patron is finally available! I am so excited about this book. It has been a journey to see this book in print. I don't know if any of our eight readers care, but whatever, I'm gonna "blab" for a minute about this book's journey, and then maybe you will understand why I refer to it as a journey. I'm going waaaaayyyy back now. In 1991 I gave birth to my first son Alex. He was six weeks preemie and had some health issues that dictated that I stay home with him and not work at the time. I was fresh out of college with a degree in journalism. I chose journalism as my major because my parents didn't think creative writing would be lucrative and since they were footing the tuition, I acquiesced. However, the bug to write fiction never stopped biting at me. So with my baby at home and the urge to write a book, I took a correspondence course through Writer's Digest (these were the days before I had a clue about the Internet). I finished that novel, and sen

New Book Out Next Week!

It's almost here! El Patron will be out next week! Check out the book trailer here, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter off my site at which will go also go out next week, and readers will have an opportunity to win gift cards to your favorite book stores. Enjoy! Cheers, Michele What began as an innocent love affair for one young woman, Marta Peña in 1969 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sets in motion a series of event over the next thirty years that will bring heartache, loss, love, fortune, and despair. This is the story of two men-Antonio Espinzoa of Calí, Colombia and Javier Rodrigues of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the women who love them, and the children they fiercely vow to protect. These men have to determine if sacrificing the ones they love for the money and power they desire. When the discovery of a secret comes to light, it may be a bastard son who brings down the empire the two Patrón