Friday, April 22, 2011

Jamie OIiver's Food Revolution

I Love Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution. What isn't there to love? Here is a guy who wants to really help our kids be healthy. He isn't even from the USA. He just loves kids and people and good food. God bless this guy! We have a country filled with people who have major health issues caused from poor eating habits. Our children are getting deadly diseases like diabetes, they have high blood pressure, and they are growing up perpetuating the fast food nation. SCARY!

The opposition that Jamie is facing with the LA School district is appalling to me. These are our educators? Isn't raising and educating our children a top priority? If it is (which apparently it isn't) then don't we want to raise a healthy America? This stuff gets so under my skin. I am fortunate to have healthy eating kids. That comes from the way both my husband and I were raised. My dad always had a garden growing up and I was never forced but always encouraged to try vegetables and fruits. I love my veggies.  When my kids were babies I made sure that the first foods I started them on were veggies. I did this for quite some time so that they acquired a taste for the green stuff, then I moved on to fruits. All three of my kids ranging in ages 10-19 now love their fruits and vegetables. They love salad, broccoli, and green beans. I rarely have ever allowed them to eat school cafeteria food because I was aware of what was available to them and I didn't like it at all. It's not always easy packing a healthy lunch because it does seem to take a little more time. Now the kids help me and that helps ease the time factor, but their eating habits are important to me. And it isn't just my kids I feel this way about. I want all kids to have the opportunity to eat healthy foods that help them grow and think effectively. Sugar, fried, foods and crap filled with preservatives won't help our kids. Jamie Oliver wants to help our kids! I suggest you check out his site and sign his petition today. Watch his show. Give this Food Revolution some real support. Our kids' health depends on it. Get involved and make a change for the better in this country.

I have loved Jamie Oliver for years. I have his cookbooks and one of my favorite recipes that would make a delicous Easter meal is his Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Fragrant Couscous and cooked on Sweet Potato Stovie. Delicious!

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Coral Russell said...

The fact that they wouldn't give the kids silverware (aka a butter knife) was amazing! The thing is, I know my school district would have been the same way. :(