Friday, July 22, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Considering these kinda strange times, this question is lame. I'll admit it. Who really gives a rat's ass as to what I have to say?  I'm not even sure at times how much I care about what I have to say, but you know what? I'm going to say whatever I want here on my blog because I can and if you care--then great... I love that you think I have anything important to say. If you don't care...great. I probably will still like you if we ever meet. I like most people. If you love's guaranteed that I'll like you even if you're weird. I'm positive that if any of my kids are reading this right now that they are sufficiently embarrassed--at least the one under 18. The older two accept me for who I am at this point. They understand that changing me is highly unlikely without a lobotomy and I am sorry...but I'm not prepared to take enough Xanax to get me to that point. The youngest one should never read anything I write because I guarantee her mortification will be worse than mine at some of the lyrics I am exposed to daily via certain rappers that she claims she simply listens to for "the beat." Yeah, right??? The last time I checked, I was not born yesterday, but I am also not that old yet. I swear!!! There are just some things I don't want to hear.

Indulgent rant is now over. more grammar sucks, so on this blog expect all sorts of commas in wrong places, tenses might at times be off and there are probably a few dozen grammar  rules I'll break on a regular basis. However, I can craft a good story, but commas and all of that can get me, so bitch if you want about it, it's one of my faults--grammar...I am just grateful for a good editor and the fact that I can use (the three ellipses)... when I don't know what else I should do! So, ...!

Here's what my plans are for this blog--a little bit of everything. Sometimes, I'll write about life, my life, dog or horse's life, kids'  lives, my past life, my future life, your life, how I craft a story, or what wine I think you should drink with whatever recipe I conjure up. If there are five people still reading here, I figure I'm good.  Hang out. We might have some fun.

Tonight... while I sip a nice Chilean red blend, I just may turn serious--considering what I'm latest thriller. Ah...nah...I'll save that, because the week has been long and it's a Friday night and who really feels like being serious (I promise we will get to it, and deeper--serious shit, as if shit can be serious.) However, I do have some deep stuff to write about and I tend to be an open book.

Tonight, I just want to say, "hi," to my readers who I consider friends. I've been in and out as a writer for you over the past few years. A lot of that had to do with my dad's passing and some other family situations that needed my complete attention (that's as serious as I'll get for now)..., but I want you, my readers/friends  to know that I am back at the keyboard, taking notes on the legal pads, daydreaming of what ifs to put on the page and working diligently on providing you with the best stories I can create for you. I love you, am grateful for you and appreciate your patience in waiting for each and every book. You bring me joy and I hope that my stories take you out of any day to day stress you may be having and allow you to be entertained.  I've got a lot of stories to tell. I hope you'll join me! Looks like I've answered my own question--I'm blogging again.