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The Dead Celeb

Have you read The Dead Celeb? If you haven't here are the first two chapters for you to enjoy over the weekend. I have something exciting coming Monday for you. If you've read it and lpved it, share with your friends!

Have a wonderful weekend.


CHAPTER ONEMY NAME IS EVIE PRESTON and I hang out with dead rock stars. Oh, and the occasional dead movie star or two. I’velearned quite a bit about those who live on the other side overthe past few months. For instance, they aren’t all ghostly andtransparent. Oh no. The ones I see are almost always in full-color and 3-D except when they exert, ah … certain energies.Then they go a bit hazy. Oh, and they prefer to be called spirits. Yeah, I know … I sound completely insane. Like, “commitme” insane. But honestly, I am not crazy. Believe me, the firsttime I saw Bob Marley in my place (well, technically not myplace, but I’ll get to that) in the Hollywood Hills, getting highand singing “Buffalo Soldier,” I thought I was either d…