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Looking for a Title for My New Mystery Series

I will admit it. Titles are not my thing at all. I am really bad at them. I need your help. I will be debuting my new mystery series (The Delebs--Dead Celebs) in late November, and I need a title. I'm posting the long synopsis of the book and a book trailer here to give yoou an idea about the book/series. To make it a little more fun, if I pick your title, you will recieve a signed copy of the book and a $40.00 gift card to either amazon or Barnes & Noble (your choice), plus some acknowledgement in the book.

Love to hear what you think! And for those readers who are A.K. Alexander fans. the next thriller will be out in October. The title of the book is COVERT REICH.
The Dead Celebs Mystery Series


Michele Scott

Evie Duncan is a haunted soul in more ways than one. First off, Evie hangs out with dead celebs from movie stars to rock stars, she’s surrounded by famous and infamous ghosts. Secondly the unsolved mystery of her sister’s murder sixteen years ago weighs heavily on Evie’s heart who at twenty-eight-years old wants nothing more than closure and peace of mind where her sister Mary is concerned. When Evie was twelve-years-old, Mary at fourteen ran away from home. Mary’s remains were found two months after she left home. She’d been murdered and her killer is still out there somewhere. The memory of Mary is never far from her mind and heart.

Living in small town in the Texas Hill Country selling door to door cosmetics, Evie is an aspiring musician who can play one helluva riff on her guitar, and croon a sweet melody. She has a dream to top the pop charts and prays that one day when she’ll be accepting a Grammy. A little luck and an opportunity present themselves when Evie is given five thousand dollars by a dear friend (Betty La Rue) who at eighty something years old insists Evie hits the road and pursue her dream.

With her dog Mama Cass (half coyote, half lab—possibly Border Collie), her guitar and one suitcase, Evie packs up her 1969 VW Van and leaves Texas behind, headed for The City of Angels. Upon arriving in L.A., Evie discovers rather quickly that five grand won’t get her very far. She takes a job singing week nights at a dive bar (Nick’s owned by washed up child actor Nick Stone), and working days at the cosmetics counter in a department store. But she also needs a place to live because living out of dingy hotels isn’t working for her or Mama Cass.

Her big break comes when she does a makeover one day for the sister of pop star diva Simone (just Simone). The diva is so impressed when her sister comes home looking like a star herself that she has her assistant track down Evie and hires her as her personal makeup artist. Evie feels that this has to be the break she’s been praying for. Now all she has to do is get Simone to listen to her sing.

Along with her new job comes new connections, and through a little luck Evie is asked to housesit one of Simone’s friend’s Hollywood Hills estate on a long term deal. Evie jumps at the offer. Thing is, the posh pad is haunted—and not just by any ghost. His name is Lucas Minx. Lucas, a ’80s grunge band’s lead singer, was shot and killed by his girlfriend for sleeping around with groupies. Lucas was killed in the house Evie is house sitting for, and he doesn’t want to leave.

As if things couldn’t get any creepier for Evie, one afternoon while opening up the bar she sings at, she finds the body of Nick Stone stabbed to death in one of the booths. She can’t help but feel stunned and saddened as Nick had become a friend. He was a nice guy who was taken advantage of as a kid actor, lost most of his money and wound up an alcoholic with a bar. He was also the only guy who would give Evie a chance up on the stage, and she is grateful for that, even if his place isn’t exactly The House of Blues. Unlike Simone, Nick was willing to listen to Evie sing, respected her talent and wanted to give her opportunity. Simone is demanding and a diva with no interest in anyone but herself.

Evie is confused when the police don’t seem all that interested in finding Nick’s killer, claiming it was probably a mafia hit because the guy was a big time gambler. Evie doesn’t buy it. And neither does Lucas Minx who may be a ghost but apparently can not see into the future or tell her what happened to Nick. Ghosts like live people can only be in one place at a time.

Evie finds herself wanting to avenge Nick’s death and find the killer. It’s not far in the back of her mind that her sister’s killer has never been caught, and one unsolved murder in her life is more than enough. As she begins to delve into Nick’s past, she discovers cover ups and lies from both family and friends who dealt with him. Sorting through it all to find the truth won’t be easy, and the more she discovers, the closer she gets to the killer wanting to see her six feet under.

On top of searching for a killer, Evie begins to think that she’s going crazy, especially when she starts having feelings for Lucas, and—well, a little paranormal sex happens every so often between them. Hey, she’s never made it with a rock star. Then Lucas starts bringing friends around like Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, even Elvis and Sinatra make an appearance. Before long word gets out in the afterworld that Evie’s place is a cool hang out and the next thing she knows, she’s not only surrounded by dead rockers but also dead actors, from Lucille Ball to Anna Nicole Smith. “Her” home turns into the party zone for dead celebs.

A diva for a boss, a dead guy for a lover, a group of famous ghosts, and a murder on her hands is enough to make anyone crazy, but Evie handles it all with finesse and determination as she juggles the dead and the living in her quest to find a killer and hopefully become a star.


Jenny said…
How about "Draw of the Dead"? Premise is interesting.
Dedra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Revelations Amid the Renowned
Dedra said…
Messed up my first comment sorry...As I stated before the first sentence stayed with me and all I could think was..."Haunted Soul" it hers or theirs that is truly haunted??? Can't wait to read it to find out!!!
Gayle Carline said…
Oh, this is fun!
"Death Can Be Murder"
"Old Haunts"
"Songs for the Dead"
"Murder for a Song"
"Rather Be Dead"

Okay, now you come to my blog and help ME. I need a title for the second book of humor columns.
Austin Carr said…
Famous in Death, the debut mystery in The Hollywood Ghosts Series.
Alicia said…
A Party to Die For
Michele said…
Oh man, you guys are awesome! Keep them coming and then you all choose and you vote! I will close submissions a week from this Friday and then vote your favorite.

Thank You!

Maryann Miller said…
I really like Murder for a Song. I think it captures to two main elements of the character and the story. Wish I had come up with it to qualify for the prize. LOL
Anonymous said…
Unfiltered state of mind.
Michele said…
Anonymous will need to let me know who they are if yoou win. I love the titles!

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