Friday, August 12, 2011


If you read the blog from a couple of days ago, you know that I wrote about the WAKE-UP call. Well, you would have thought that would have been enough. I figured that I really "Got It." Apparently, The Universe, God, The One Above, or just Life (depending on your beliefs) was not convinced!

I do believe that fact is stranger than fiction sometimes. If you had watched the scene that played out yesterday in my world on a movie screen, you would have shaken your head (most likely) and said, "Oh Come on!" But it's all true, and I have witnesses.

So, here goes. My little one is still in the hospital after having two surgeries this week from the freak accident my kids were in. The good news is that she is doing very well. In fact, our fingers are crossed that we will get out of here today. She will be on crutches for a few weeks, and won't be able to get back on the pony for a couple of months, but we got very lucky.

Yesterday morning while hanging out with the kid, I received a frantic phone call from my mom who was supposed to be coming down to visit. She told me that my dad had taken a bad fall. My father has Parkinson's, and falling is something we really have to watch out for with him. He had hit his head on a counter on the way down, and had become unconscious. The paramedics made the decision that it was necessary to air-flight him to the hospital.

The hospital they were taking him to happens to be in the same complex as the Children's Hospital my daughter is at. As I was aware of the timing of the take-off of the helicopter, I knew when to expect it to land across the street. It was a very difficult twenty minutes maintaining my composure. The last thing I wanted for my little girl was to know what was happening with her Papa. They are very close and she would have been beside herself (as I was on the inside). The most surreal moment came when I watched from the window as the chopper flew around one side of the hospital and landed across the street. At that moment my daughter said, "I want to see the helicopter." My husband and I looked at each other knowingly. We knew my dad was on it, and we wanted to be with both him and our daughter. My husband went ahead and walked over to where they were taking my dad into the trauma unit and I waited.

Fortunately, this story ends on a good note. My dad does have a concussion, but he is okay. He is awake and as ornery as ever. I was able to go visit him for a few minutes and tell him that he needed to be a good patient. The best moment came when I told my little girl the story. I said, "Do you remember watching the helicopter this morning?" She said, "Yes." I then said, "Papa was in that helicopter." I finished telling her the story. Her most amazing response (one that only a kid could have was), "Oh my gosh, won't that helicopter ride cost like a hundred thousand dollars!?!"

I really hope that the Powers that Be are finally convinced that I "Get It." I really, really do.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hug the ones you love, and don't sweat the small stuff.

Thanks for reading my work and following the blog,

Therapy dog visiting in the hospital room puts a smile on the kid's face!


Gayle Carline said...

Oh, Michele, when it rains it pours, yes? Good luck with your family and hope your little girl is back in the saddle soon!

dollycas aka Lori said...

Keeping all of you in my daily prayers. I am so happy your Dad is ok. God doesn't give us more than we can handle but a lot of the time He comes darn close. Hugs to your daughter and parents And YOU from this crazy lady in Wisconsin. Keep us posted. Wish I could do more!

Jessica Therrien said...

Wow, what a story. I'm so glad everyone is all right.

dollycas aka Lori said...

just wondering how everyone is doing. Still in my prayers.