Friday, June 24, 2011

Core Reader Friend

If you are interested in being a "CRF," here is the deal--I am only able to manage 100 "CRF's," so if you are truly intrerested and want to particpate, I hope you will let me know asap. :)

So, here is what a "CRF" is:

A "Core Reader Friend" follows this blog. It’s the best feeling for an author to know that there really are readers out there interested in what I write.

I consider you a part of my “Core Reader Friends,” and because I do a lot of writing and I will be releasing four more books this year—one under my name as Michele Scott and three more under my pen name A.K. Alexander--I have been thinking of ways to get the information out there on a larger scale about the books.

Here is what I am offering the “Core Reader Friends” group, (which will consist of only 100 friends), I would like to e-mail each “CRF” free PDF copies of each of my books three weeks prior to the release. I would be doing this in hopes that first off, you would consider tweeting, putting info out on facebook and writing a review if you like the book. You would have no obligation to do this, but I am hopeful that you would.

I would also like to send you out any hard copies of my books that you might like to have a copy of. I would happily sign the books however you would like them signed and send them to you at no cost. I encourage you to visit my site and then e-mail me at and let me know which of these books that you would like to have--that is any and ALL books.

Each “CRF” will also have an opportunity with each book release to be entered to win something extra special. That could be anything from a Kindle, a nice bottle of wine, signed copies of books from myself or other authors, to a vacation on the bay in Coronado, California!

All you have to do to be a “CRF” is send me an e-mail at with “CRF” in the subject line. Let me know that you want to be a part of this group and that you are signed up at Those who join will automatically be entered to win a Kindle or NOOK (your choice).

If you do sign up, I will be sending you out current PDF copies of my new thrillers that were recently published: “Daddy’s Home,” and “Mommy, May I?” Both of these books have been on the top 10 Kindle paid sales list, and “Daddy’s Home” was number one for over a week. If you haven’t already read the blog post about it, I encourage you to do so.

Thank You for reading my books, being a friend, following my blog, and considering becoming a “Core Reader Friend.”

Have a wonderful day!



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