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Yea! Press Release for Happy Hour!

 I hope if you haven't read this book, you will take a chance on it. I loved writing it and the book means a lot to me.

ZOVA Books Releases the first must read of the summer season

ZOVA Books announces the release of Happy Hour, by acclaimed author Michele Scott.

Los Angeles, CA, March 21, 2011 - ZOVA Books announces the release of Happy Hour, a new novel by Michele Scott. ZOVA Books is a boutique publishing firm representing such acclaimed authors as Dances With Wolves novelist and Academy Award winning screenplay writer, Michael Blake, as well as the Pulitzer Prize nominated bestselling author of Sacagawea, Anna Lee Waldo. Their partnership with Michele Scott brings them a wide body of previously published and wholly new material.

Michele Scott's Wine Lovers mystery series, released through Berkeley Prime Crime, achieved wide acclaim upon its release. Scott has since established herself as one of the preeminent writers of the mystery genre, following her original series with the Michaela Bancroft mysteries and a number of other works. The release of Happy Hour with ZOVA Books continues her notable history of developing heartfelt literature with strong female characters that resonate with readers across the nation and around the world.

Already heralded as the first beach read of the summer season, Happy Hour follows the intertwining stories of four women experiencing heartache and loss in the beautiful California wine country. Each woman's story is uniquely compelling. Kat, a sommelier at her husband's five star restaurant, struggles to balance divorce, remarriage, and all the baggage in between. Alyssa, an artist and gallery owner, struggles with a secret from her past that threatens everything she holds dear. Danielle is a vintner on the edge of success, dealing with rebellious teenagers and a careless ex-husband. Jamie is editor-in-chief of a widely read wine magazine, still grieving the loss of her husband several years before while juggling mounting bills and caring for her senile mother-in-law. Together, these women find strength to deal with the hardships of daily life in the power of their friendship.

ZOVA Books has looked forward to releasing Michele Scott's Happy Hour since signing her in the fall of 2010. “We are thrilled to be working with Michele Scott on this release,” ZOVA's publisher, Molly Lewis, says. “Michele brings authenticity and passion to everything she writes, but this book in particular is evidence of her commitment to honoring the power of friendship in the written word.”

The release of Happy Hour follows a number of public appearances for Michele Scott, whose articles, essays, and interviews have been featured in the New York Times, on Fox News, and over a wide number of national book review blogs.

Happy Hour is released on March 22, 2011 and is available in book retailers across the country, on all digital platforms and distributed by Baker & Taylor Distributors.

About ZOVA Books:

ZOVA Books is an independent publisher of genre and literary fiction based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 2010, they are one of the fastest growing small publishers in the nation, representing such notable authors as #1 New York Times Bestseller Michael Blake, author of Dances With Wolves, #1 New York Times Bestseller Anna Lee Waldo, author of Sacagawea, and acclaimed bestseller Michele Scott.

ZOVA Books has entered into a ground-breaking partnership with Hollywood production and management company Circle of Confusion to represent its catalog for film, television and foreign rights.

Established as a creative organization focused on the success of individual authors and the development of multi-platform creative projects, ZOVA has developed the next generation publishing company that reconciles the best practices of traditional publishing firms with the innovations of small and specialized firms, embracing the opportunities of both print and digital distribution in its commitment to providing the best possible literary works to readers around the world.


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