Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of Hope it Will Help Someone Else

I didn't want to write this at first when I was asked to do so. It took me over a month to actually get it down and after talking with my boys they were okay with putting it out there. Many of you have asked about what has happened and I have been quiet as it has been a painful road we have been traveling for the past few months. It is my hope that by writing about what has happened in our family that a life will be.  Here is the article I wrote for the New York Times:

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Gayle Carline said...

Such an awful thing to happen to you and your sons - and, indirectly, to the rest of your family. It's hard for people who don't suffer from depression to understand how someone could willingly leave their loved ones. I certainly don't understand it, although in theory, I understand that depression is a disease that strips you of your sense that anything matters.

All the survivors can do is work the steps, from grief to acceptance, in whatever order they appear. It sounds like you're doing everything you can do to help your family and yourself, and you have a community of friends and supporters ready to reach out with a hand to steady you or a shoulder to cry on when that's what you need.