Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motivation and The Writer

It's funny the things that motivate people. I get asked at writer's conferences a lot of the time what motivates me to write everyday on top of the day job, the family, etc. The answer to that is pretty simple. The first is that I LOVE to write. I love to create stories and characters. My problem is I have so many ideas that my issue is focus! I want to write everything at once and get it out of me and into the world. Patience is not one of my better virtues. It's a lesson I have to really accept.

The other thing that motivates me are my family. I want to be able to help provide for my family and do so while doing what I love to do. To me that is the ultimate. Speaking of ultimate--readers are the ultimate motivation. When a reader e-mails me that they love the book or a particular character, it makes my day like nothing else. Finding great talent is another huge motivating factor. Over the weekend at The Southern California Writer's Conference here in San Diego (which I highly suggest for anyone wanting to write a book, or for those already writing one), I met a young woman who had written a very good story. I turned her over to a publisher who I thought would be a good fit for what she was writing. They connected and now my fingers are crossed for this lady. I love that. The writer was so amazed that someone would do that for her, which blew me away because I have found the writing community is super supportive of each other. We want each other to succeed. There are enough readers in the world for us to all make it at this game.

Finally, Zenyatta motivates me. Yes--the mare who nearly won the Triple Crown. I have a photograph of her taped on my computer and when I get a little down or stuck, I just look at that amazing horse and think, "God, she is a rock star!" That horse has more heart and willpower in one of her hooves than most humans have in their body. She reminds me to keep on writing. It's not a sprint. It's a marathon.

Now, let me ask--what motivates you?


Gayle Carline said...

It's YOU, Michele! YOU motivate us! Seriously, Indy and I were discussing the conference at breakfast Monday morning, and sharing our hopes, plans, and goals, and we agreed that we look to you as a woman of both boundless energy and limitless integrity. When it's been a long day and I feel like I'd rather hang out on the couch and let the TV wash over me, I think of you turning out one more book and I'm inspired to open a file and tackle a story, even if all I get out is a single sentence. It's one more sentence than I wrote yesterday!

Sherri said...

Michele, I just love this post!! My husband and grown children motivate me! Life is such a wonderful journey and I try to enjoy all of it. I too love that horse! What an amazing and inspiration creature. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us!

Michele said...

Thank You Gayle, and Sherri! Okay-I so now you got me all teared up. What a wonderful way to start my day.