Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keep on Writing, My Friends!

OK--I am so going to go on a rant here because I am tired of being the "nice" writer. Well, actually I like being the nice writer as far as my readers go but as far as traditional big house publishing goes, I am done being nice. I am so going the Konrath route. I actually started going that route about 3 months ago--and guess what, my mid-list friends--it is paying off! I have made more at publishing via e-book and through self pubbing through Createspace in the last three months than my first advance. Granted I have a bunch of books available and am writing under a couple of different names, but still--it's working.

I know there are the traditionalists out there who will disagree or say that I am naive or stupid or not legitimate any longer. Really? Guess what--I am writing what I want to write and making money at it for a change, which means my bills get paid and I get to spend more time with my family and riding horses. I'm writing under my own deadlines, which works really well for me since I have a day job and a family to take care of.

I know I sound jaded and I kind of am. I am grateful that I had my start with big house publishing, I really am, (notice I am saying big house and not Indie, as I am working with an amazing small press right now with people who love writers and want to do what is right by writers. Check them out. ZOVA). ZOVA is re-releasing my book Happy Hour and they have done a beautiful job with marketing, the cover, and I am extremely happy with the royalty rate. However, I doubt you will see me go back to small advances with low royalty rates. I will stick to small press and myself.

Since I have kind of blown that door open and made that announcement (as if anyone cares), I just want to add one of many stories I have as to why I am going down a new path with my writing. A storyline that I absolutely loved and worked on was shopped to all the majors. I waited several months as it made the rounds (that is the way it goes). It was a YA piece. I received feedback that it either wasn't old enough, it was too old, there were no vampires, no sexual tension, too much sexual tension (no lie)--can you confuse me even further? Finally an editor said that she loved it but did want me to write it for a younger audience. Ok. I rewrote the first 50 pages, redid the outline, etc--just as I was asked to do. The editor and I spoke on the phone. I thought that we had a deal going. This was a reputable house with many bestsellers. Guess what? Weeks go by. Then two months go by and we hear nothing. Finally word comes back to my agent (not even to me, even though I had a direct conversation with the editor and made the changes that she asked for) that the story is great, but another author with a bigger name had come in at the same time with a similiar submission and they were going in that direction. I cried. I yelled. I said that I hate this business. Then, I pulled my head out, looked straight ahead at the future. Took my career into my own hands and moved forward. I'm glad I did. So, for all you writers out there who are wondering if the e-book, self pubbing route is viable--I say yes it is. It's a steady growth and the keys are 1. Good book. 2. Good Covers (by the way, I need new covers I have decided). 3. Patience. 4. Keep writing! KEEP ON WRITING!!!


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Theresa Meyers said...

Good to see that you're still at it regardless of what NY says. I firmly believe readers will find good writers in this marketplace. In fact, if you have a moment, send me an email, because I've got some questions for you.

There are several books wasting away on my harddrive and I'd love to get some insights.