Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year New Goals

Everyone knows New Years is the time when everyone makes New Year’s resolutions; work at them for a month and by February a slim few are still keeping to them. Instead of doing the typical New Year’s Resolution I’d like to propose something different. Create a vision board for 2011 and even beyond. Clip pictures, words, anything out of magazines that pictures what you want for your future. Arrange the clippings on a large poster board. You can make it collage style or super organized. Michele, myself and our good friend Gilly made our boards this weekend and each was vastly different but all turned out beautiful. I took the uber-organized approach and separated mine into three categories: career at the top, hobbies and personal in the middle, and my dream home at the bottom. Our vision boards were goals for 2011 and even longer term goals distributed throughout. Michele and Gilly took the more collage approach and theirs turned out just as great! It really showed off the differences in personality. The best message of all was it encouraged all of us to think about our dreams and goals. This falls right into my theme of trying to inspire people to dream big and start taking action to make those dreams a reality. After your vision board is complete you’re supposed to take one of two options: first (the one I choose) is to place your board in a spot where you will see it every day to help you visualize your dreams coming true. The other option is to put it away where you never see it so it can come true on its own. Either way it’s a great way to organize your dreams and get a jump start on how you are gonna make them happen, so go out and start making your vision board.
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Jenny Hansen said...

Hi Michele! Jenny Hansen here...I'm thinking about tweeting on this vision board blog - what a great idea. Can you give me a yea or nay? <@jhansenwrites>

Michele Scott said...

Go for it, the more people inspired by this the better!