Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Authors

I spoke the other night to a women's group here in town and had a great time. They were a gracious group and I sold a bunch of books, which is always a great thing. My favorite part of speaking is the Q & A session. I'm not sure why but it is. People usually have really good questions and it's a lot of fun.

The one question that I always, always get and that I am never prepared for is: who is your favorite author? Oh jeez. I honestly have no clue. I like so many authors and I like so many writers that are unpublished and I just respect anyone who takes a leap and writes because they have a story to tell.

I can tell you the writers I have a lot of respect for and why.

1. James Patterson. I know that some of you may be shaking your head but just "listen." Patterson is a genius at branding Patterson. He may not be the most amazing writer in the world, but he is a darn good storyteller. There are not many books that I can read in a few hours or even want to for that matter. He is a genius at the pageturner and he is a genius at his brand. Patterson isn't writing all of "his" books any longer, but he has figured out how to keep the brand out there and he is making some serious cha-ching. I respect that because that is obviously what he wants from his writing. He's a business man and as writers many of us are not the best business people. Honestly, I don't think if Mr. patterson came to me and asked me if I would write a book with him that I would turn that opportunity down. So, if by chance, you're reading this James, feel free to shoot me over an e-mail and we can talk options here.

2. Steven King--I am not necessarily a huge fan of horror. I was a big fan of Steven King when I was in high school. Here is what I like about him. He's true to himself as a writer (little creepy but true to himself). He loves to write (at least it appears that way) and he has written one of the best books "On Writing" out there.

3. Nora Roberts--here is a lady/writer who understands her market. She knows how to write entertaining books that are targeted directly to her market and she has stayed the course.

4. J.K. Rowling--DUH. Do I need to write anything here at all, other than a Thank You to Ms. Rowling for getting our youth to reead and opening doors in the YA market. HUGE KUDOS.

5. My dear friend Jessica Park--here is a lady and writer who never throws in the towel and is one of the best writers around and editor--can not tell you how many times she has been on my ass about my grammar and I still am terrible at it, but that is not because of her. That's because I'm a bad student). She has really fund her voice with her YA work and I can't say enough good things about her and her work!

There are so many, many more. But there you have a few from me. Now, I want to know yours and your reasons.


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