Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyone Needs a Break

At the beginning of every year people seem to get caught up in setting goals and making up for lost time the previous year. It is good for everyone to take a step back and remember that life is a marathon not a sprint. I found myself being a victim of getting caught up in the rush of life and its struggles. Holidays brought a lot of expected bills and plenty of unexpected. I’ve been trying to catch everything up in one month but now I realize it is impossible. I always tell my friends that rewarding one’s self is important, and now I realize I have forgotten to take my own advice. This weekend I’m going to set aside a moment for me, myself, and I. I think you should do the same for yourself. Maybe read a book... In fact maybe I'll read a book.

Also a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get Michele's books on Kindle for 0.99 cents! A great way to take a break is with a great book.

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