Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being Different

I heard something really interesting on the radio this morning on my way to work and it got me thinking. I listen to a show here in San Diego every morning called The Mikey Show. It's funny, relevant and in many ways it has helped me personally get through some dark times recently. Laughter is always a wonderful medicine for what may ail us--and this group of people in the early hours makes me laugh--a lot.

Anyway, this morning I heard "Mikey" talking about a campaign that he is doing called "Be Different." From my understanding of "Being Different" through listening to "The Mikey Show" this morning is that Being Different is about being accountable for one's actions, it's about taking a second or two or even a minute before reacting negatively to something you might find upsetting or offensive. It's about being gracious, which in some ways I think our society has forgotten how to be. It's about lending a hand, being real with your smile, saying "good morning or good afternoon, evening," to the man or woman behind the grocery counter, bank counter, post office, etc. It's about taking time to say "I love you" daily to your loved ones and really meaning those words. Life is short--well, too short to waste. Being Different reminds us that Being Good and asking ourselves on a regular basis, "What is the right thing to do?" is important. Many times we do the easy thing because doing the right thing isn't always easy. Many times it's even painful.

I'm linking the information here about The Mikey Show Campaign on Being Different because it struck a chord with me. And, after reading what he had to say, it was a no brainer for me in stating that "Yes! I want to be different." I hope that you will take a minute to check this out.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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Gilly said...

Thank you for reminding me to "be different" and that being different can be a good thing. To me, what you wrote about and what the radio show talked about is so important to better our society. Too many of us are so busy that we get into our own world and forget to interact face-to-face with others. We go about our day focused on what WE need to get done and on our wants and needs. It is very easy to ignore the needs of others and our need to connect positively with others. It makes my heart warm each time a door is held open for me (especially if my hands are full). And it makes me feel good when someone tells me to "have a nice day." Even if it's only said out of habit, it makes me remember..."oh yeah... I deserve to make an effort to have a nice day."
Your comments remind me of how much power I have in my actions, attitudes, and words to make the world a better place by adding positive energy to other's lives. And when the world is a better place, we all benefit.

Thank you for the reminder! Thank YOU for "being different!: