Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Nurtures Your Soul?

If you've read my post from the other day then you know that it's been pretty rough lately for my family. Everyone has their own process to go through and a need to discover what helps to heal them.

For me, I think many of you know that what nurtures me most in this world besides my family and friends are my horses (which I basically include in the same category as family). There is something so spiritual and peaceful about these animals. I think what I appreciate the most about them is that they don't judge, they don't interefere--they just allow. That is nature for you though, isn't it? I can walk outside and step into the barn, lean my head against one of my horse's face and actually feel their grace. Not all horses are kind, and that is usually because of some human. There are a percentage who are just born with a mean streak, but I am of the ilk that, that is fairly uncommon. I am lucky as my seven "kids" are all very sweet and gracious. Though there is one in the bunch who definitely has made up his mind that humans only real purpose in life is to feed him. You would think that most horses would have that attitude if you don't know the animals very well. However, that isn't the case. They all have very distinct personalities and quirks. They love attention, to be talked to and groomed. There are horses with work ethics and huge hearts. I know of one horse who is so forgiving of the little kid who rides him. This kid yanks that poor horse's mouth around, takes out all of her frustrations on him and yet, I have never once seen him be a jerk back to her. He just keeps giving and trying his hardest to do whatever she asks.

I have a true love and passion for these amazing animals who give me so much in the way of nurturing my soul. I'm so grateful everyday to be able to go and just be with them. Sometimes I go and sit quietly in the middle of the pasture with them, watching them and they always will make their way over and check me out. Doing this is my solace and it's why I chose to include them in my Michaela Bancroft mysteries. I get asked sometimes if I am like Nikki from The Wine Lover's Mysteries, and I always say, "No. I live vicariously through the Nikki character because she is always having so much damn fun." I'm much more like Michaela Bancroft as far as my lifestyle and personality, as well as having gone through some of the transitions in life that Michaela faces throughout the series. There is definitely one major difference though--I'm not even close to being a 5'8" blonde.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that little tidbit about my animals and my writing. I hope you enjoy and that you also have something in your life that nurtures you. I would love to hear back what that might be. Please share!

I'm also posting here the original book trailer for Saddled with Trouble. If you have an interest in reading the book or any of the books in the series, they are all available online at both amazon and bn.com.

Thanks and have a great day.



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Linda McDonald said...

I'm with you on animals nourishing the soul. I don't have horses, but I do have my amazing, loving, sweet White German Shepherd Mix dog that we adopted from the animal shelter 9 years ago. She nourishes my soul. She is one of my best companions. She's a senior dog now, and I am dreading the day that she will no longer be with us, but until that times comes, I spend as much time with her as I can.