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Making a Comeback

Hello all, this is Cassie, Michele's assistant.  Lately she has been going through some difficult times as I'm sure many of you are aware.  She has asked me to join in on her blog for a bit.  We are calling ourselves team longshot because of our struggles.  Recently I had quite the traumatic experience myself and I would like to share my story which hopefully inspires others to keep on fighting even in tough times.

Note this is not the horse that kicked me, this is my adorable horse Finally.... (Photo credit Amy Williams)

Kermit the frog famously noted that, “It isn’t easy being green,” and I can tell you that returning to normal after a life changing experience is also not so easy.  It is no real secret that life is hard for everyone (all in different ways), and no one in this world is handed special treatment.  Yet some hits in life are harder than others.  Currently, I am struggling with getting my life back together after experiencing some nearly deadly injuries from the back leg kicks of a big horse.  Although I have recently returned to work for the first time since the accident, it still does not feel like I’m the old me.  Suddenly I am aware that a life changing experience has permanent effects that cannot be sewed over like plastic surgery.  Sure I’m back at work.  Soon I will be riding again, running again, showing off my new fancy teeth, and my hair will all grow back.  Inside however, my eyes and memories recall how close I came to forever leaving this earth.  Right now, I get to deal with being treated a little differently by all who know me, whether with extra care from my family and friends, or simply by people not quite expecting as much out of me.  I find that I can accept help or gifts much more easily than ever before.  It is hard to say whether I am so grateful, or maybe its because I’ve softened up a bit.  I love life and appreciate everything, large and small, with a renewed strength and intensity.  At the hospital, I was known as a super polite patient, because I was always thanking everyone.  Currently I’m facing some serious medical and dental bills.  This translates into some big time penny pinching but I will have the time to pay them off.  I have friends that have recently lost a close member of the family, and at the time I encouraged them to keep on living and enjoying the life they deserve!  This accident was a hard lesson, but one with valuable take-home messages.  Life just can be plain mean, but it does reward the fighters if they get up and keep on going.  It is possible to rise above the burdens, the bills, the nagging irritants of recovery.  Life offers so much.  I am inspired by those who rallied around me, whether it is by giving flowers, food, cards, cash, or just warm wishes.  It is not so bad to be able to lean on some friends who are eager to help.

Lots of Love, Cassie


Jeni said…
Straight from the heart, lovely story.
Linda McDonald said…
Thank you for sharing your story. Prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way.

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