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I Need a Name for My Next Victim

So I have finally started breathing new energy into my writing career. Yes--I have been in a slump. I'll admit it. Life became insanely stressful and busy over this past year and instead of my usual 3 books a year, I have not written a manuscript for a year. Gulp--I said it--well sort of (I wrote it). Lucky for me, I did have some new books released into the world, (Patron and Happy Hour) but now it's time to get back to business.

My problem as a writer has always been that I have a bazillion ideas running through my head at any given time, and I want to write them ALL right at that moment. That becomes overwhelming because let's face it, it's an impossible task. Then, I lose my focus in the haze of overwhelm and I top it off with outside stress from just plain old life, and then all I want to do is go spend time with my horses because 1. they don't talk back., 2. they are very forgiving souls, 3. they don't judge. In other words, they are perfect for stress relief.

However, I simply can't spend all day, everyday with my four legged children. Well, I can't do that anyway because I have my day job to attend to, which is also one of the reasons I have put writing on the back burner. But, honestly I am an unhappy individual when not writing. Knowing that has meant that it is time to get back to work and write another book. I am recommitting myself as a writer to the next book, and here are the first two lines (a little sneak preview):

You know how happy endings are reserved for fairy tales and some unscrupulous massage parlors? Yeah well, Nikki Sands was starting to think this old adage might actually be true.

Now, I don't have the name of my murder victim just yet, so I thought I'd run a little contest: "I need a name contest." Here is what I can tell you about the victim: She's a nun. She's Italian. She's about 60 years old. If you have a name you'd like me to consider, post it here in the comment section. If I pick the name you come up with, I will obviously use that name for the victim in the book, credit you for it, and send you a copy of A Toast to Murder.

I figure it'll take me about a week to get to the murder scene, so I guess what that means is the contest closes a week from today. (next Weds).

Thanks and have a great day!



Jessica Park said…
I have some great ideas. Ready? "Sarah Palin," "Ke$ha," "Ms. Kardashian," or "Jenny From the Block." Ta da!
Michele said…
I think I like Ke$ha. You are still my favorite smart ass.
I had a nun who ran the candy stripper (volunteers not pole dancers) program when I was high school and she was Italian, her name was Sister Pauletta. She was so mean!!! The nicer nuns has names like Mary, of course, or Rosa, Consuela, I don't know if I spelled that right. The hospital is no longer a Catholic hospital and not a nun in sight. We do have a Catholic elementary school with 2 nuns for teachers. Sister Maria and Sister Agnes. Louisa is also a name from my past.

I am so glad you are writing again!!!
Linda McDonald said…
Michele: Do you want just "Sister and first name" or are you looking for last names too?
Jessica Park said…
OMG! Duh! Sister Christian!
Linda McDonald said…
Sister Brigid

Sister Cecile
Anonymous said…
Hi Michelle,
New reader to your Wine Lover's Mysteries. Really enjoying them!
I have known a few Nuns in my day, most of them kind and pleasant though not all ;)
1.Sister Mary Theresa Agosta
2.Sister Mara Lucia Conti
3.Sister Sophia Maria DeLucci

FYI: Some trivia. "While both Nuns and Sisters are called "Sister," there is a distinction made in the Catholic Church which is generally not made by the public. Nuns take solemn vows and are cloistered, that is, they reside, pray and work within the confines of a monastery. Sisters take simple vows and live a life governed by their particular mission, vision, and charism of the respective Orders or Congregations of Sisters. Sisters embrace ministries that take them out to serve the people in hospitals, schools, parishes, social services, and the like."

Thanks for the great books!
Sally Lloyd
Auburn, California
She's a nun. She's Italian.

Well this is ONE area I have no experience in :) But I will go pimp for you.

I am SO glad Nikki is coming back.
Anonymous said…
Ann H. said…
How about - Sister Lucia Gambino (as in the Gambino Italian mob family?) :)
Anonymous said…
Jessi Pizzurro said…
How about: Sister Carmine Giantini (or) Luppino? Carmela DeLucca (or)Catalano? Francesca Adamo (or) De Maria? Josephina Bonnano (or) De Renzo?
Heather Spiva said…
Sister Francesca Scalise.

Francesca, because I love that name (I think of Bridges of Madison County) and Scalise because I not only have a friend with that last name, but it implies a "stairway" or "stairs."
And like Alfred Hitchcock, stairs ALWAYS have something to do with death.
Anonymous said…
Sister Genovesi (My favorite doctor's name for he is Italian.)
Anonymous said…
If you're still looking for a about Sister Margherita Bernini? There have been several very famous Nuns from Rome with the first name Margherita (including Sister Margherita Marchione (1922-) an award winning author). Gian Lorenzo Bernini is the father of Baroque Architecture, and his generation's most famous Italian sculptor (one generation behind Michelangelo). Perhaps Sister Margherita is a descendant of Gian Bernini? Besides…it makes me kinda smile every time I say her name…Sister Margherita Bernini……kinda rolls off the tongue…doesn’t it? I'd hate to see her get murdered....she seems like such a sweet, little nun. :)

Jim Vosseller
Rockport, Texas
Michele R said…
I'm probably too late, and I personnaly love the above suggestion on Sister Margherita!!! but if there is an opportunity still, how about Sister Magdalen Clare or Sister Helen Marcella... The first is probably more Italian, the second is a combination of my grandmother and her sister (my great-aunt).

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