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Lucky # 7

It's been awhile since I've been on Adventuresnwriting. Lots of stuff has happened since I've last been here to say, "hi," and give a little tidbit into the life of a writer, mother, friend, et al. Life has been busy and full of all sorts of distractions. But who needs distractions and busy?  Instead, I want to talk about "Who is on my Island." You know what I mean. It's that handful of  people you would want on your deserted island. The ones you won't get tired of gawking at. It's like watching "The Bachelor" without any guilt.  Here is my list.

1. Sting--Um..."Sacred Love" should say it all, or how about "Every Little Thing She Does." Oh, and I know it kind of shows my age because I am not choosing Zac Efron (who's name I am probably not spelling right, but I do find adorable, however, having sons way closer to young, hot Zac's age, just well,...NO) but back to STING. I just think he's hot. No argument. He is.

2. Bono--So way cool and sexy, and what a lyricist and he's Catholic and Irish--so the lilt alone is worth lying on my deserted island and listening to him read prose to me. I am licking my lips. And we can confess together to whatever...

3. Eddie Vedder (yes, I am seeing a pattern here--I was a big time groupie in my past life). Eddie's voice alone makes me swoon. Plus, he loves the Earth and people and he's just so sexy and mhhmh.... So I like rock stars.

4. Kelly Slater--I could watch this guy surf waves all day from my perch on the island. Have you seen that bod? Yeah well, if you haven't, you really should.

5. Hugh Jackman--:"Australia." "Deception." Watch the movies, you will get it if you can't already see that Hugh is HOT and smart and sexy and HOT!!!!

6. Enrique Iglesias. See photo. Need I say more?

7. So I am pretty happy with my little island. But I have to add my lucky # 7. My husband John. He knows exactly how to start off my Sunday morning just right. I get a breakfast burrito from Nico's Taco Shop and coffee in bed--and that's all I'm saying, but yep--he'd be on my island  for sure.

Now, I want to know who you're top seven is? Who is on your island? Guys or girls (as if any guys read our blog--or as if anyone reads our blog)--who could you gawk at all day and likely never bore of them?



Mine: Rick Springfield (obviously), the inventor of the Coolatta, hottie Taylor Kitsch (Riggins from Friday Night Lights), Mark Wahlberg (will bring free undies and can do "Good Vibrations" duet with Rick), Santa Claus (I like presents), Tiger Woods (will tell good stories), and David Letterman ( just love him.)
Kris said…
I thought about saying Stephen King because he could tell me stories, but he would just scare the crap out of me. haha!

If I'm just going to look at them..hard to say. Johnny Depp would be on the list but he has to shave his facial hair and get a haircut. I'm just saying. Christian Bale. Those are the only two I can think of at the moment...but I'm sure there are more. haha!

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