Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brad and Angie Split?

Say it isn't so. All of these rumors about Brad and Angie are depressing me. Okay, so yes--I am on team Brangelina. I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I think she is a lovely, funny, intelligent woman. And I do think she got the shaft. First off, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Nobody but the people involved. People fall out of love and that sucks but it's reality. So, Brad and Angelina obviously fell in love and now there's a bazillion kids involved. That is why I want to see Brad and Angie together. They have a family. I wish they were married because they do have all those kids and because I believe that when you're married it might make it more difficult to split up. I don't know--just my take. But parents should try and work things out for their kids. Call me old fashion, call me a moron.'s what I believe. Now there are circumstances where I think it merits a split--abuse (physical and/or emotional) toward a significant other or their children most definitely in my mind constitutes a split. I also am one of those people who say cheating would not work too well for me.

I'm not trying to be holy and judgmental here. I speak from experience. I am divorced and remarried. I have two sons from my first marriage and there were some ugly things that occurred in that marriage. However, the fallout of divorce can be devestating for children. I see some of the affects still today in my teenage/adult sons. I also believe though that my sons wound up better off and happier from the choices I had to make. Some not so good. Oh crap--how did I get off on my stuff?

Anyway, back to Brad and Angie. Yes--I want to see them stay together. I think they're good people who are human, which means, they have made their own mistakes. But the past is the past. And no one should judge. Instead, people should want to see others get their happy endings. I honestly don't think Jennifer Aniston is at home pining away for Brad Pitt. I just don't buy that. The chick is hot. She's having a good time. She's fine. But how are the Brangelina children if Mom and Dad go separate ways? Plus, let's face it--they are both so beautiful that I want that fairytale ending (except I wish Brad would shave that awful beard).

What say you? As if this is the stuff of the world that really matters. Well, it does matter if two humans who loved each other once go their separate ways. I think that matters a lot. It certainly doesn't matter like so many atrocities we see facing the world today. But in some little way it matters because it reminds us that we are all human.

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Mason Canyon said...

I agree, it matters. People are people whether they are in the limelight or not so they are going to have problems. But those in the limelight need to remember they do have so many young people looking to them as role models. I'm old fashion too. They should be married with so many kids and they need to try and work it out.