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Three Books for the Price of One!

I have some cool news. This is not a gimmick, your name won't go onto any list, it's just me wanting to get books into the hands of readers.

For the rest of this month if you order a copy of Happy Hour off of Amazon, you will receive two FREE books of your choice of my current releases. I will happily personalize and sign them however you would like me to. If you've never read a wine mystery or Michaela Bancroft mystery, or if you've been interested in getting a copy of my children's book but haven't done so, now would be a good time to try one. If you've already read my books maybe there is someone on your gift giving list who is a reader. Books do make a perfect gift.

To check out my newsletters that will give you some more information, here are the links: and
To order Happy Hour off of amazon

Once you order your copy, email and state that you have ordered your copy, and then which two books you would like to have and how you would like them signed. Please be sure to include your address. You can find a list of my books on my website at where you can read excerpts, watch book trailers and learn more about them. You can also check out the reviews of Happy hour on amazon. They are excellent and I'm really pleased at how many people are enjoying this book.

Thank You!

Have a great day.



I took care of you :)

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I love talking to my son. He's so... so.... interesting. And opinionated.

Kid: Mommy, if you could have any superpower at all, what would it be?

Me (without missing a beat): My power would be to magically clean the house. Particularly the dishes.

The kid shoots me death ray looks. 

Me (scurrying to make up for this hideously stupid remark): I wish I could fly.

Kid (looking pointedly at me and speaking rather snidely): I would have the power to teleport to another dimension.

Shit. The kid totally out-cooled me and he knows it.

Next time I'll do better. I promise.