Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Want Your Thanksgiving Recipes

I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday because I love to eat. I think that's a given for many of us, right?

Thanksgiving is always at my parents' house. It's been that way forever and I don't see it changing any time soon, as my dad doesn't like to leave his house. I can't really blame him. My folks live out in the country with views of mountains and trees, a pasture and their horses--pretty nice. We don't exactly have peace and quiet in our house seeing that we are directly in the flight path here in San Diego. I can pretty much tell you what flight is going out when they fly overhead about every three minutes. Don't get me wrong. I love this old house--it was built in the 20's and is a Spanish style with the arches and hardwoods and a ghost or two (think I'm kidding?). But no one really says no to my dad. So, it's off to Grandma's house we go for turkey day.

On T-Day at my mom and dad's place you can find relatives, friends, (even a few times people we weren't sure who knew them), but whatever. Come one and come all. Some years are quieter than others with maybe only a handful showing up as my siblings have to go elsewhere, or aunts and uncles can't make it, etc. Some years it's quite a crowd.

One thing I know for sure is that we always have sweet potatoes (the kind with the big fluffy marshmallows on top, toasted just so) and my Grandma's black-cherry Jell-O Delight. Grandma is no longer with us, and Thanksgiving has never been quite the same without her, neither has the Jell-O, or The Magic Cookie Bars she always made. It was the norm for Mom, Grandma and me to get into the kitchen and cook. Now it's Mom, me, and if my cousin Jessie (who is more like a sister) is not with her husband's family she's in there, too. My sister Pam also helps out and let me say that on Turkey day, you CAN have too many cooks in the kitchen. However, it's never the men in my family. They typically are glued to the boob tube watching men in tight pants tackle each other (oh yeah--that's football).

We have our traditions food wise--like the Jell-O and sweet potatoes, but this year I'm thinking of changing it up. Last night I bought a few cooking magazines--Living, Bon Apetit, etc. There are some really great sounding recipes in them, but I was wondering about you out there in Internet land who may be reading this. What recipes do you have that may either be or not be traditional ones? How about family traditions? I'm all "ears."

Send me a recipe in the comment box, and if I use your recipe this year, I'll send you a free signed copy of Happy Hour. So, bring it on. I want anything from salads, soups, stuffing, pies, the turkey, all sides--oh and a good gravy recipe would be great.

Share the love, the food and be thankful!



Shel said...

Hi, Michele. I switched the turkey up a few years back, by using the injectable Tony Chachere's Butter and Cajun Seasoning marinade on it. That was the most delicious and juicy turkey we ever had. Now it's a tradition at our house, we MUST have Tony's Turkey.

Michele said...

Mhhmm. That DOES sound Yummy!

Shel said...

It's fantastic. The injectable marinade makes pockets of buttery, juicy meat that is just indescribably good. The bottle comes with the syringe, just fill and shoot.

Michele said...

You are getting a book, Shel. E-mail me your address off my website contact page and I'll send it out asa

Shel said...

Wow, thanks!