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Failed Attempt At Making Touching Thanksgiving Video


Melsy626 said…
LOL, thanks so much for the laugh!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Turkey Day!! :)
Joni said…
I am SO glad the turkey is dead; living turkeys in the fridge are not good things. My 22 year old daughter would still rather have mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for her Thanksgiving meal.
Shel said…
ROFLMAO!! I had a cousin that only ate macaroni and cheese, pickles, or hamburgers for years upon years. It wasn't Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter without that box of Kraft Mac & Cheese somewhere around. I also am thrilled to hear the turkey is dead. Opening the fridge and hearing "gobble" would probably send me straight into orbit...
Dru said…

Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
That was funny--still have some Kraft MAc and cheese here for him--Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Love Kathy
Too cute and funny. Nothing like Kraft, huh Nick? Enjoy your T-Day, my friend.
I am loving Fritz in the background.
jessica Park said…
Fritzy is ALWAYS in the backgrouond...
Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and make Nick share that Mac and Cheese okay?


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