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My Favorite Celeb

I know that I'm a bit "eclectic." I suppose that is a nicer term than weird, but I'm a writer and many of us (I think) are a tad "eclectic." For example, on my bedside table you will find my Mother Mary and Baby Jesus paperweight (my middle child bought me for Mother's Day at the swap meet last year), the little Buddha set in jade (got them at one of those tables on a corner in NYC), there is a little change thing in the shape of a pretty butterfly, and another one of a frog, then on the lower shelf are my kitty Tigger's ashes, and then there is my Gwen Stefani Bratz doll (she does not share Tigger's shelf) Yes--you read that correctly. All of it. Go ahead, go back and re-read and shake your head at me.

Remember the other day if you read the blog that I was going to tell you who my favorite celebrity is? Well, I am certain you have all been waiting with baited breath through the weekend to find out and you can now obviously figure out that if I have a Gwen Stefani Bratz doll on my bed side table that I think she's rad. I know rad is so old school, but I am old school.I want to be Gwen because then I would be maried to Gavin Rossdale and I would look great with red lipstick on (which I so look like hell with red lipstick on) . I could also pull off that platinum blonde hair and I'd have a rockin body and my bank account would reflect a whole lot more than it does now. I don't think Gwen is afraid to answer the phone because the cable company wants their cash. Plus, I would be mega talented. Did I mention Gavin Rossdale? That is not to put down my husband, who I am positive would not mind one bit being married to Gwen Stefani.

When did this love affair of mine start with Gwen? Well, I honestly wasn't like this major fan until about three years ago when a good friend of ours called and said he had tickets for her pre-concert for family and friends (in the 4th row). I was in--free night out, 4th row tickets--yeah. Then Gwen hit the stage and I was like, "Oh my God." That chick (and I mean chick in every positive sense of the word) is awesome. She puts on a show like nobody's business, and to me she embodies WOMAN. She's strong, tough and she's also feminine. All I can say is that when I'm feeling a bit low, I pick up my Gwen doll and get my Gwen on. I even bought her L.A.M.B. perfume, which smells amazing. My daughter and I love to blast "I'm Just a Girl" on our way out to the horses. It's our theme song. I know, I'm teaching my 8 year old great things.

So, there you have it. My favorite celeb. Now I want to know who your favorite celeb is.

Check out Gwen and No Doubt.


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sf said…
Yay, Shell, a blog!!! Where have I been? Love the new title, and I will read it--even though my Sept-June reading list is full of titles written by pencil. Christmas vacation isn't too far off. Congrats on your new book. Love you!
Anonymous said…
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